Peter Witts, CPA


Peter Witts is a Certified Public Accountant with over twenty years of Government Contract Accounting experience. His background includes tenure with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Northeastern Regional Office, until leaving in September 2000 to found his own public accounting firm.

While with the DCAA, Peter was involved in a wide variety of audit related activities for large aerospace contractors as well as small business contractors in the Northeastern region of the DCAA.

Mr. Witts has designed and implemented government contract accounting systems, prepared incurred cost submissions, developed forward pricing rates, conducted NIH A-133 Program Audits and supported several DCAA audits for clients.

Some of Mr. Witts’ accomplishments with DCAA include:

  • Technical Program Specialist for the following major program areas in the Northeast region (MA, NH, ME, RI, CT, NY, MI and Europe): Cost Accounting Standards, Financial Capability Audits, Health Care Finance Administration audits, Compensation and Direct Billing initiatives and responsible for providing audit guidance to DCAA field auditors throughout the Northeastern region.
  • Member of an audit team completing a highly visible audit of a Michigan anthrax vaccine producer’s extraordinary financial relief of contract terms claim. The Undersecretary of Defense and the Director of DCAA commended the audit team on the high quality of the audit in a week’s turnaround time.
  • Leader of the Northeastern Regional team in the development of a new Cost Accounting Standard audit programs for CAS 410 and CAS 420.
  • Developed a two-day training seminar for Northeastern Region auditors in the audit of contractor’s financial capability.
  • Conducted presentations on the Cumulative Allowable Cost Worksheets and the new closeout procedures for contracts to Contractor personnel and DCAA auditors.
  • Focal point for the audit of Peer Review Organizations (PRO) audits for the Health Care Financing Administration in the Northeastern region.