Our Story

It all started when one man saw a problem. Working inside the DCAA, Peter Witts saw the daily struggles companies went through when dealing with the United States Government. A lack of correct information and guidance was costing companies millions of dollars in lost contracts and penalties when they failed compliance regulations and procedures.

As an auditor, he saw the problems first hand and knew exactly how to help these struggling companies navigate through the complex waters known as bureaucracy.

With that solution in mind, Peter left the DCAA with a plate full of experience and an appetite for change. With his new role, he positioned himself on the other side of the coin to help struggling companies dealing with Government Contracts to succeed.

In 2000, he established Peter Witts CPA PC to help businesses with their Government Contracting needs. Since then our firm has grown from a one man crew into a team of eleven, fulfilling a variety of services for both our local and nationwide clients.

We specialize in Government Contract Accounting, while also offering general accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses across the country.