Paula Harrison

If you have ever dropped in our office at Dracut, to get a glimpse of the nitty-gritty; or dropped us a line to pow-wow with our people, you’ve met Paula!

She’s the first pair of eyes you’ll see or the first voice you hear, and we sure glad it’s her. She’s a total professional and loves her job. Once you meet her, you’ll immediately know that she’s an indispensable part of our team.

Here’s a snippet of Paula’s specialties:

  • Professionally greeting visitors and solving their inquiries.
  • Setting up Client Projects, Preparation of Engagement Letters.
  • Processing Tax Returns, Invoices, and Bank Deposits.
  • Overseeing office workflow, delegating tasks, and supporting program goals.
  • Ordering supplies and monitors expenditures.
  • Co-piloted staff meetings to coordinate workflow changes and improve processes.
  • Human Resources, Management of facilities.
  • Plan and organize team-building events for morale, community awareness, and team unity.
  • Support and maintain Firm Information Management System.
  • Coordinate firm CPE files and CPE budgets.
  • IT Network Support through IT Vendor.
  • Preparation of engagement letters.
  • Prepare Firm Operational KPI’s.
  • Process Invoices with