Let’s take a short break from all the DCAA’s, the FAR’s, the CAS’s; a quick breather from #bookkeeping, from the number crunching, from the compliance, requirements and Government Contract Accounting topics and talk about something important. We all live on the same planet and are part of it; we all know mother nature needs our help. I am talking about going green and doing our part.

When you go green and do your part, it does not mean a grandiose event, a big showing or giving up everything to live off the grid. It just means you make a change in your daily life that can help save the environment. The littlest positive change is always welcome, as long as it is done consistently and with clear intent.

➡️ Work close to home? You can do a walk-to-work Day! One day a week, your heart will thank you too.
➡️ Use biodegradable bags instead of paper bags from the supermarket.
➡️ Donate old clothes, toys, shoes that you don’t use and give them a new home.

You can also simply use something disposable, twice! That on its own helps!
➡️ You can reuse that Starbucks cup at home to plant seedlings, the cup will be fine getting wet until it is ready for transfer.
➡️ Reuse ice cream tubs for storage, use them for your kid’s Legos.
➡️ Eat a lot of bread? You can use the bags as litter bags when you and your pet go out for a run.
➡️ Try and avoid single-use plastics as much as you can. Don’t ask for them when you take home that Szechuan pork next time.

There are, of course, other ways to do your part. Devices and changes that you can do to your living space that can benefit both you and mother nature.

Why am I talking about this here at #wittscpa? Because this kind of green, not only helps save the environment, but also saves you some green too!

Enter the Residential Energy Property Credit.

This is a tax incentive that residents can get when they make the choice to use energy saving devices and equipment in their houses. These are, but not limited to these energy efficient equipment–

Heating Pumps – When an air source heat pump is used in your homes, it turns your house into one giant reverse fridge, Taking the heat in and pushing the cold out.
Air Conditioning – Make sure that the air conditioning is compliant to standards.
Water Heaters – Gas, propane or oil water heaters can be used to apply for the credit.
Circulating Fans – Can move the heat from your furnace faster all throughout the house
Biomass Stoves – Use mother nature’s waste product to heat up your home or water.

Even when you make actual changes to your residence, you can also get the incentive. Simple additions or replacements to your homes that help heat dissipate and reuse external light to make your energy consumption less.
???? Heat Reducing Roofs
???? Energy efficient Doors, Windows and Skylights
???? Insulation

Imagine getting a credit of up to $500 just for helping out the environment! Just another great tip to help you #gainingwitts! If you think you are eligible for the credit, don’t know where to start. or just having doubts, drop us a line and we are ready and very much experienced to help. Here at #wittscpa there are a lot of #amazingchanges coming.

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