You want to break into Government Contracting and want to look for the easiest contracts to get. 

First beef up your team. If you have relevant experience then you are good to go, if not, find partners, teammates, and other companies that will give you the track record to bid.

Here are the easiest ones to bid for, mostly for the sheer number of contracts available.

  1. GSA Schedule Contracts. A long-standing government contract that allows the Federal Government access to commercial services and products at affordable prices. It tops the list of the easiest contracts to win.
  2. Medical Services, Biologics, and Pharmaceuticals. The US Government knows we need to always improve our healthcare, and they need all the help they need.

One example of this is when the Federal Government aided Johnson and Johnson in the production of the covid vaccine for $1 billion.

  1. Service Contracts. The federal government needs services filled in almost every department and building. Janitorial, research, construction, and consulting services. 

a. Construction. There will always be the need for roads, buildings, offices, research facilities, housing, and even disaster recovery.

b. Research and development. The Federal Government relies on research and development to be on top of the world of technology, especially in the military field. The DoD is one of the leading contractors for this, along with several others. 

  1. Information Technology. The world of IT has changed so much, in leaps and bounds, that there are times when the US Government really need everyone to pull their weight. In 2021, the government spent over $92 Billion on IT. With new threats in IT just waiting to happen, and new systems needed to be created for nearly every facet of government, the world of IT is very much open for contractors.

There are other types of contracts that are out there, all of which are just waiting for your company to be part of the Government Contracting world. Do you know what’s better than a company that’s focused on contracting? One that is focused and prepared. You may want to do business with the government but are you prepared for all the myriad rules, regulations, checks, and audits that go along with it? As you are an expert in your field, so too are we, if you need help in setting up your Government Contract Accounting, you’ll need us– Peter Witts CPA PC. Email us here: