Are you a small local business wanting to get ahead of your competition and attract more private customers? While you’re at it, gain some significant income? It’s time to throw your hat into Government Contracting.

It’s a very competitive and complex world but once you get the hang of it, the gain is quite substantial. Start yourself on a Local Government Contract and use these as a guide, here are:

9 Tips to Help You Land That First Local Government Contract

  1. Be an expert in your field.

Narrow your field and become an expert in it. This way, you’ll be separated from the generalists and become more likely to get a contract. 

Let’s say a contract requires a litigation specialist, they will not go to general lawyers and hire them, they’ll hire someone with experience as a litigation specialist.

  1. Know your community and get involved.

Build up your reputation. Join local events or even organize them. Involve yourself with charitable organizations. Make sure to stay active on your social media profile and provide some tremendous local information too.

Why do all these? Sometimes, when the bidding goes into a deadlock and you are offering the same services at the same price as the other bidder, a good reputation can break the tie in your favor. Besides, a good image in your community means better business locally.

  1. Time for a Team Up

As a small business, you may still be building up your name locally, or still learning to be an expert, then your best bet to start in Government Contracting is to work with an established business. 

There will be times when even established businesses would need help or extra staffing on their Government Contracts. This makes it possible for your team to slip in and be an asset. Once you become part of their contract and gain experience, you’ll get a better chance when you bid next.

  1. Don’t stop bidding and believing.

Don’t get discouraged when you fail your first bid. Very few make that first jump. Try and look and participate in as many biddings as you can that suit your niche. Bid as strongly as possible even if it is a bit out of your comfort zone.

Although, make sure that you are ready to deliver when you apply for a contract. False promises can hamper your business and leave you struggling.

  1. Requirements need to be met.

Every contract has its own Request for Proposal, where you’ll find what the contract needs, and what resources and expertise are asked for. Read, learn and document these. 

Submit complete documents in a well-formatted manner. This shows professionalism, consistency, and focus on your part and will be a big plus when they choose the contractor.

  1. Have a plan to meet their needs.

Be prepared with a plan that’s specific to their needs. If they mention pain points, have targeted and detailed solutions for meeting them. The clearer the solutions presented, the more you’ll stand out during the selection process. Remember to be clear, concise, and actionable. 

  1. Make an honest bid.

Most of the time, a government contract is tied to a budget. Bidding above this will get you overlooked, fast.

On the other hand, bidding low sends a message that you have an inferior product or service.

Your best bet would be to research similar contracts from the past and set your rates accordingly.

  1. Be Inquisitive

Framed correctly, an intelligent question shows that you and your interests are aligned with the local government, and you are open to their input. Don’t hesitate to ask. 

  1. Make connections and friends.

Sure, you may have not gotten that first contract, as we said, very few do. This only means you need to keep at it. You also need to maintain a friendly and professional relationship with your local government. Keep the communication healthy. Your foot is already in the door, it’s only a matter of more effort and time.

Landing that first local government contract is your first brave step into this world. You’ll need all the tips and all the help you can get. This would be the best time to give Peter Witts CPA PC a quick email so we can walk you through government contracting. We can share with you all our experiences in the field, give you a quick, free assessment of your company, and help you where everyone needs it the most– accounting.