Ami Shah

Ami loves her numbers, and it shows in her work. She’s detailed to a fault and finds joy in organizing the small stuff.

If you see her in the office and looks like she’s just sitting there, she’s probably crunching numbers, sorting costs, and creating TSheets in her head!

Don’t let that fool you, she’s really fun to be around and one great help for the team.

Here’s a snippet of Ami’s specialties:

  • Prepare client financials
  • Support DCAA/ DCMA Contract audit for DoD
  • Preparation of Public Vouchers and submission to WAWF
  • Creating QuickBooks Time/Tsheets accounts
  • Classification of labor distribution and expenses into direct, indirect, G&A, and unallowable pools and general ledger accounts
  • Process vendor invoices & payments
  • Approval of time & expense reports in Deltek