Subcontract Cost or Price Analysis

Our Firm is familiar with the DCAA audit requirements of contractors and subcontractors. As such, we are an excellent choice for large and mid-size prime contractors that may need to augment their staff or would like to outsource the cost or price analysis function. We follow audit programs developed by the DCAA for pricing proposals and forward pricing rates. As such, you will receive a quality analysis which meets the requirements spelled out in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.408 Table 15-2.

Full Cost/Price Analysis

For subcontractors required to submit certified cost or pricing data, we can perform detailed analysis of the proposed costs in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards, if applicable. Our analysis will include positions on Direct Labor, Direct Material, Other Direct Costs as well as the Indirect Expense Rates proposed in the cost proposal.

Supplier Rate and Factor Audits

In the event subcontractors deny audit rights to you as the prime contractor, we are the choice as an independent CPA to conduct an analysis of the proposed indirect expense rates and other factors.

Accounting System Assessments

Subcontractors that required to maintain an adequate cost accounting system to comply with your subcontract clauses passed down through a cost-reimbursement subcontract. We conduct accounting system assessments in accordance with the SF 1408 – Pre-award Survey of Prospective Contract Accounting Systems. We will provide a report outlining any deficiencies identified during our assessment along with specific recommendations to the subcontractor to correct the deficiency