Paperless Bookkeeping

Do you ever feel like you are wasting time on bookkeeping for your business that could be better allocated in other areas?  Well if the answer is yes, then you are wasting your time and money struggling through your books each week when you aren’t an expert with Quickbooks and other accounting requirements. The accountants at Peter Witts, CPA PC are experts in these areas and we can take the burden of bookkeeping off of your shoulders with our Paperless Bookkeeping services.

Become Paperless

Today all great businesses are paperless, so take the step towards being great! Moving away from paper can cut the time and costs of doing office tasks in half.  It also eliminates the risk of losing documents.  Losing one page can cost the average business over $125 in lost productivity.  There is no need to stress about a bridge period because we can make you paperless overnight. The paperless approach is one that is established to make your life as a business owner easier.  You the business owner can run your business focusing on its core competencies.  Through the day send your source documents through the fax machine or scanner to us through  We will read, name, and file every page for fast retrieval in the systems. Our bookkeepers will then enter each transaction into the QuickBooks Pro accounting system.  An accountant reviews the transactions and reports to assure compliance and find areas to improve your business.  The initial setup will require:


  • Setup of new accounting system
  • New written procedures and policies
  • Review of current business processes
  • Setup of all online technologies


The Process

Below are the steps that the specialists at Peter Witts, CPA PC take to assist you in your bookkeeping:

  • Move tasks from lowest level to the highest level saving you money
  • Use dual monitors to display source documents instantly.  This helps staff members review documents without touching any paper
  • We use best practices: On-line banking, Credit Card Downloads, Bill Pay linked to QuickBooks through, and Payroll reports imported from ADP or PayChex