Play It Safe When It Comes To Government Contract Accounting

Don’t “Guess” At The Right Way To Handle Your Accounting When Dealing With Government Contracts

As a business owner working with government contracts, you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the most important piece of the puzzle: your Accounting. 

The DCAA has certain expectations and requirements of businesses who handle government contracts, and you need to be well-prepared with your accounting and business practices.  So don’t take a gamble on doing it wrong!

The right government contract accountant:

  • Knows exactly what the DCAA and the FAR require, and gets your business set up right
  • Sets you up for successful audits, and helps you navigate dealing with the DCAA
  • Will set up the correct accounting method that you are required to use as a government contractor
  • Monitors your spending to ensure that you are within the guidelines

If you are either currently handling government contracts or you plan to, and you haven’t set your business accounting up following these guidelines yet, let us help you.

Peter Witts began his career working for the DCAA, so he knows first-hand what businesses who deal with the government need to do to be successful.  Since 2000, he has been helping businesses just like yours navigate the red tape of government contract accounting, and his clients’ success is proof of his expertise:

Peter Witts CPA PC provides timely, accurate and professional service to meet all our business needs in regards to Government Compliance. His company has always been flexible in partnering with Windmill International Inc. in order to meet company goals in proposal and financial matters involving government documentation.

Kimberly Hutchins    Accounting Manager   

In the federal accounting space there are those who have learned what they know from the outside and advise their clients accordingly ..and then there are those who have extensively worked on the inside and understand from direct experience how the system really works. These guys are well versed in how to avoid the problems as well as how to help their clients address the problems that they're having when they do business with federal agencies. For those who seek my counsel in this regard, Peter is always top of my list of players they should talk to. Quiet and unassuming but among the very best you want on your side when the need arises.

Ann Eskesen   

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your business!  Protect your hard work – and your life – by hiring a professional government contract accountant who has your best interest in mind.

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